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Toroidal Inductor​​​​​​​

The toroidal inductor is an inductor that uses a magnetic core having a toroidal shape. Toroidal core inductorare high-performance products among inductors. They provide the smallest size and lower electromagnetic interference.
Baicheng can provide customers with different types of toroidal inductors to meet customer requirements. Baicheng's toroidal inductors can be used as toroidal coils, common mode inductors, SMT inductors or any circuits that may require toroidal coils, and are mainly used in medical equipment, telecommunications, musical instruments, industrial control, refrigeration equipment and other fields.
Are you looking for the best toroidal inductor for your product? Contact us now, and we will help you build toroidal inductors that help improve the performance of your equipment!

Choose the Toroidal Inductor that Suits You

Baicheng will provide you with different types of toroidal choke coil to meet your requirements. You can easily get toroidal inductors and transformers that match your device at a cheap price.
Toroidal inductor
Toroid inductance
Toroidal core inductor
Toroidal choke
Toroidal choke coil
Toroidal coil

Still can't find the toroidal core inductor you need ?

Please tell us the required characteristics, including size, DCR, saturation current... etc. We will provide you with the most suitable toroidal coil in the shortest time.

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Customized Toroidal Core Inductor

Toroidal inductors are generally smaller in size, lower cost, and can be made of a variety of materials than other inductors. Our toroidal inductors can be based on your power, input, output, space, winding requirements, so that professional engineers can provide you with the best customized solution

Bai Cheng-A Leading Toroidal Inductor Expert from China

Baicheng offers wholesale toroidal coils at very attractive prices. We have a modern factory in China, equipped with complete modern manufacturing machinery, so that we can produce up to 150 tons of production capacity per month. Our high productivity allows us to provide our toroidal coil at a price that fits your budget. Ordering from Baicheng also provides other benefits:
  • Free-sample
    Thanks to our modern production equipment, we can complete the customer's proofing requirements as quickly as possible, and guarantee to complete the toroidal inductor proofing you need within 3 days​​​​​​​.

  • Production-capacity
    Production equipment
    We all use modern production equipment, as well as professional high-precision servo presses to produce the most advanced and high-end products, and also have proofing equipment that can meet three-day proofing.
  • R-D-design
    Our R&D team are all core engineers from well-known companies such as Schneider, to ensure that they can meet your R&D needs, and always take the lead in the R&D of toroidal inductors.​​​​​​​

  • Service
    Each service is tailored specifically for you. From the initial design of the product to the after-sales service, each stage of Baicheng's establishment will provide you with meticulous support to provide quality feedback.
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