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E Ferrite Core

E ferrite core is a cheaper alternative to pot core. Baicheng provides E ferrite cores with high permeability and low offset in batches, which are ferromagnetic compounds made of manganese, zinc and iron. iron. We provide various sizes and thicknesses for E ferrite core. Baicheng's can be pressed into different thicknesses to adjust the cross-sectional area, and it is easy to assemble and wind. They can be installed in different directions and can be used in low profile installations, suitable for differential, power and telecom inductors, as well as broadband, power, converter and inverter transformers.
Finally, if you need to customize E ferrite core, you can. Send us an inquiry and our team experts will help you meet your needs.

Choose the E Ferrite Core that Suits You

Baicheng has a series of e ferrite cores for wholesale, which can be pressed into different thicknesses to adjust the cross-sectional area. There are various sizes such as E65, E80 and E100.
High stabiliy EEL16 ferrite core in magnetic material
High Performance E Series EI EF EFD Soft Ferrite Core
MnZn magnetic ferrite material e shape transformer core in china
Modern high quality small practical 2020 new durable ferrite e core
China Manufacture E Type High Frequency Gap Ferrite Core For Transformer

Still can't find the e ferrite core you need ?

Please tell us the required characteristics, including size, DCR, saturation current... etc. We will provide you with the most suitable e ferrite core in the shortest time.

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Customized E Ferrite Core

Material type

The materials we can provide you mainly include the following two:
Power category BP 40, BP 44, BP 47, BP 90, BP 95, BP 96;
High conductivity type BH 5K, BH 7K, BH 10K, BH 12K

E ferrite core size

We can provide you with an E ferrite core with a shape range of 6~168mm, allowing you to choose the shape size that is more suitable for your product.

Bai Cheng-A Leading E Ferrite Core Expert from China

As one of the leading e ferrite core manufacturers and suppliers in China, Baicheng can meet the different needs of customers. We provide wholesale e ferrite core that meets industry standards, which are easy to assemble and wind, and are available in E65, E80, and E100 sizes. Therefore, they are ideal choices for telecom inductors and broadband, converters and inverters. Choose e ferrite core sold by Baicheng to make your product stand out from the competition. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.
  • Free-sample
    Free sample​​​​​​​
    We provide free samples to ensure the quality of our e ferrite core. This also gives you the opportunity to check our products directly. Our free samples can also help you come up with new ideas for your equipment.​​​​​​​
  • R-D-design
    Raw material​​​​​​​
    E ferrite core is a ferromagnetic compound made of manganese, zinc and iron. The raw materials we use are all brand-new materials from Baosteel, which can be traced to the source to ensure the quality of the product source.​​​​​​​
  • Service
    Customer service
    All our customers are very valuable to us. If you need help with your order, please contact us immediately. Our response speed is faster and can help you solve any problems you may encounter with your products.

  • Quality-inspection
    Quality control​​​​​​​
    We use multiple quality inspection processes to ensure that the quality of the products can be strictly controlled, so that you can get a better e ferrite core.

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