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Ferrite Core

Ferrite core – Ferrite used in ferrite core transformer or ferrite core inductor contains nickel, zinc and/or manganese compounds. As a professional ferrite core manufacturer, Baicheng provides wholesale ferrite cores. Our ferrite cores are widely used in the cores of RF transformers and inductors. There are many types to choose from, mainly providing MnZn ferrite cores and ferrite sheets.
Are you looking for something else? If your needs are not on the list, you don’t need to worry. We cater to your customized needs. Our R&D team of professional engineers can assist in developing and customizing suitable size, size and performance for ferrite core. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Choose the Ferrite Core that Suits You

Baicheng provides its customers with a wide range of soft ferrite products suitable for various types of transformers and inductors to meet their application requirements.
MnZn Ferrite Core
Ferrite Sheet

Still can't find the ferrite core you need ?

Send us a message and provide us with all the details, we will do our best to produce the best ferrite core for your project!

Complete Solution from the Supplier of Customized Ferrite Core

According to customer drawings, we can make fine and customized CNC quick engraving samples, providing precise technical analysis and experiments of various shapes, thicknesses, sizes, inverted feet, and grinding from samples to mass production. In addition, it also provides customization for various special requirements on the performance of magnetic materials, covering magnetic permeability, Bs, high and low temperature requirements, loss requirements, impedance requirements, etc.

Ferrite core size

Baicheng can provide you with a customized range of 6 ~ 168 mm in external dimensions according to your needs, so as to meet your various needs.

Material type

Baicheng can provide you with Powerclass: BP 40, BP 44, BP 47, BP 90, BP 95, BP 96; High-conductivity class: BH 5K, BH 7K, BH 10K, BH 12K, etc.

Bai Cheng-A Leading Ferrite Core Supplier from China

Baicheng has many years of experience in the ferrite core manufacturing industry and is one of the most reliable ferrite core suppliers in China. Our ferrite cores have different sizes and performances, and one is widely used in the cores of RF transformers and inductors. Because of their low coercivity, the magnetization of non-materials can be easily reversed without consuming too much energy.
Are you looking for the best ferrite core for your project? Contact Baicheng now, and let us help you make ferrite cores that help improve the performance of your equipment!
  • High-quality-raw-materials
    High raw materials
    The selection of raw materials for our ferrite core before the manufacturing process is a critical stage for us. We always ensure that the materials we use are of high quality and that the composition of the raw materials is consistent with all products. All the ferrite core materials we use are from Baosteel, and all the materials are traceable​​​​​​​.
  • Service
    Free sample
    Whether it is for ferrite core or ferrite sheet, Baicheng provides free samples for all customers. Before you place an order, we encourage you to request free samples first so that you can directly check our products. This gives you the opportunity to check the quality of our ferrite core and its design.

  • Production-capacity
    Production capacity​​​​​​​
    With our factory, our monthly production capacity can reach 150t. Because of this, the price of our ferrite core will definitely meet your budget. Our factory is equipped with modern manufacturing equipment, so we can guarantee that even our productivity does not affect its quality.

  • R-D-design
    Relying on our experienced R&D team, we provide a wide range of R&D designs for our ferrite core tanks. Our ferrite cores are available in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses, as well as different accessories for installation

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