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Baicheng supplies wholesale inductors, including toroidal inductors and vertical inductors, as well as related ferrite core transformers, inductor transformers, inductor coils, etc. Baicheng's inductors are very suitable for any application that requires high DC current bias, and are very suitable for switch mode power supplies. Baicheng is the leading brand of power inductor suppliers in China. Baicheng's manufacturing strength combined with its global influence will help our customers' supply management requirements and minimize their inductor costs, provide competitive prices, and at the same time Provide them with unparalleled technical support and customer service.
If you are looking for wholesale inductors not listed above, as a professional power inductor manufacturers, you can request custom inductors. Our skilled engineers are always ready to develop inductors that meet your target specifications. Please contact us immediately. We are very willing to provide you with help and cooperation.

Choose the Inductor that Suits You

As an inductor supplier, Baicheng provides its customers with a wide range of inductors used in electric power, communications, computer equipment, network equipment, sensor equipment, industrial equipment, medical equipment, etc. .
Toroidal Inductor
Vertical Inductor

Still can't find the inductor you need ?

Send us a message and provide us with all the details, we will do our best to produce the best inductor for your project !

Complete Solution from the Supplier of Customized Inductor

We can provide the best solution according to the customer's power, input, output, space, and winding requirements.

Inductor size

According to your different needs, Baicheng will provide you with customized dimensions within the range of 8 ~ 55 mm, so that you can get the product that best meets your needs.

Inductor type

We can mainly provide you with a variety of inductors including I-shaped inductors, toroidal inductors, E-type inductors, switching power supply transformers, CD chip inductors, etc.

Bai Cheng-A Leading Inductor Supplier from China​​​​​​​

As one of the leading inductor manufacturers and suppliers in China, Baicheng can meet the different needs of customers. We provide wholesale inductors, including toroidal inductors and vertical inductors. We also continue to improve product quality, aiming to provide customers with a variety of options. To provide our customers with various types of power inductors, magnetic and inductors with the best service and value is our vision. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.
  • Production-capacity
    Quality Control​​​​​​​
    In order to ensure the quality of inductors, we have gone through multiple quality inspections, including manual sampling and automated inspections, so that you can obtain the best quality inductors.

  • R-D-design
    R & D team
    We provide R&D designs for our inductors. However, if you have specific needs, don't worry! We have our own R&D team and will work hand in hand with you to turn your ideas into reality. We will also provide suggestions so that your product has the best performance inductor.

  • Service
    Even if customers have received orders, we will continue to cater to their needs. Our after-sales employees are not only inductance experts, many of them are also design experts. If you have any questions, we will help you at any time.

  • Free-sample
    Packing and shipping
    In order to avoid damage to the inductor during long-distance transportation, we will provide different transportation options according to different customer needs. Such as customized pearl cotton, customized model cardboard, foam, etc., as well as professional pallet and foot protection.
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