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Toroidal Ferrite Core​​​​​​​

The toroidal ferrite core uses a toroidal (ring or donut) shape ferrite core, which has the characteristics of isolating eddy current, low permeability, and suppressing interference. Due to the superior electrical performance of the ring, the usage of toroidal ferrite core is greatly increased
We provide toroidal ferrite cores in different sizes. You can use it in power transformers, current transformers, instrument transformers, inductors, chokes, ballasts, voltage stabilizers, welding transformers, broadband transformers, filters, etc. You can choose the bottle size that best suits your needs. In addition, if what you need is not in the list, please feel free to contact us. We can help you customize the toroidal ferrite core.

Choose the Toroidal Ferrite core that Suits You

Baicheng will provide you with toroidal ferrite cores in a variety of sizes and types suitable for a variety of devices. You can easily find the toroidal ferrite core you need.
Toroidal ferrite core
Ferrite toroid core
Toroid cores
Type 43 ferrite
Type 43 toroid core
Ferrite core43
yellow toroid core
green toroid core

Still can't find the ferrite sheet you need ?

We also produce the type 43 ferrite core you need according to specific custom sizes and thicknesses.

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Customized Type 43 Ferrite Core

Toroidal ferrite core size

Ring ferrite cores are available in a variety of sizes, such as T0904, T1003, T1004, etc. We can also customize the size according to your needs

Toroidal ferrite core thickness

We use a multi-wire cutting machine for diamond wire cutting, which can provide you with any thickness of ferrite sheet, the thinnest can be cut 0.3mm.

Bai Cheng-A Leading Toroidal Ferrite Core Expert from China

As one of the most experienced toroidal ferrite core manufacturers and suppliers in China, Baicheng can provide you with type 43 ferrite core with reasonable price and quality assurance. Our toroidal ferrite has the advantage of high magnetic efficiency. They have a uniform cross-sectional area and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the different requirements of each customer. If you have other special requirements, our experts can also help you make customized type 43 ferrite. You just need to contact us and we can discuss your options in detail.
  • R-D-design
    Our R&D engineers have many years of R&D experience and come from well-known companies. We are also equipped with professional R&D equipment to ensure that we can meet your R&D needs.
  • High-quality-raw-materials
    Raw materials​​​​​​​
    We use brand new materials from Baosteel, all of which can be traced to the source, so as to ensure the quality of toroidal ferrite core from the source, so that you can obtain high-quality toroidal ferrite core.
  • Production-capacity
    Production capacity​​​​​​​
    Baicheng’s sintering workshop can have a production capacity of 150 tons per month, and 3 tunnel kilns and 4 bell jar kilns can make our medium and large scale production capacity.

  • R-D-design
    We have a special precision manufacturing press that supports the customization of ferrite cores of various shapes, and the size and thickness can be customized to meet your needs in all aspects.
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