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Customized →

If you do not find the ferrite core, inductor or high frequency transformer you need on the website, Baicheng, as a professional manufacturer of magnetic products, can provide you with customized services from multiple dimensions, relying on technical and practical support.


It supports customization of ferrite cores and inductors of various shapes, and a special precision manufacturing press can be used for difficult product customization.


For different products, we have different customization ranges:
Magnetic core (magnetic ring)--(Dimensions range 6 ~ 168 mm)
Wireless charging magnetic sheet--(Dimensions range 4 ~ 100 mm)
Inductance transformer--(Dimensions range 8 ~ 55 mm)
Wireless charging module--(Dimensions range 20 ~ 100 mm)


Baicheng adopts a multi-wire cutting machine with diamond wire as the theme for cutting to ensure the quality of the cutting, and the thinnest can be cut to 0.3mm.

R & D →

Our industry-leading engineering team is at the core of the outstanding value we provide to our customers. Our engineers are all from well-known companies and provide support in magnetic material selection, assembly design and program management

Consulting engineer

We have professional consulting engineers who can perfectly understand your needs, thereby reducing communication costs and obtaining more matching products

Production →

Automated manufacturing:With diversified manufacturing equipment, we are very suitable to provide solutions for your magnetic manufacturing challenges. We use a fully automatic production line with fully automatic manipulators to assist production, which greatly improves production efficiency and productivity

High production capacity

We have two tunnel kilns and 4 bell jar kilns, with a monthly production capacity of more than 150 tons, with medium and large-scale production capacity, and the ability to serve large enterprises such as LG and Samsung.

Wide production range

We have hydraulic presses with values ranging from ordinary to 200t, which can press a variety of products from ordinary to precise, and also have professional high-precision servo presses that can produce the most advanced and high-end products

A variety of processing techniques

Our processing range is also very wide, our cutter capacity is 120t per month, and the grinder capacity is 350t per month, and the cutter adopts the multi-wire cutting method of diamond wire, which can cut to the thinnest 0.3mm

Quality Inspection →

Baicheng is a professional manufacturer of ferrite core, inductor & high frequency transformer, which is why we have a dedicated quality control department to ensure the quality of the products we provide. Our quality inspection process includes manual inspection, random inspection and automated random inspection, and is equipped with professional quality inspection equipment.
Fluorescence analyzer
Power consumption tester
Impedance analyzer
Fluorescence analyzer
High and low temperature test box
Strength tester

Packaging and Transportation →

In order to ensure the safety of packaging and transportation, we provide different transportation options according to different customer needs. For example, customized pearl cotton, customized model cardboard, foam, etc., as well as professional pallet and foot protection, so as to ensure that the product will not cause damage during long-distance transportation.




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