Ferrite Sheet

As a fashionable and convenient charging method, wireless charging is becoming more and more popular among consumers, and it is developing rapidly in the field of consumer electronic products such as mobile phones. Therefore, Baicheng's Ferrite Sheet provides an innovative method to improve the operating performance, effectively absorbing the magnetic flux generated by the coil and providing a high inductance value.
The ferrite sheet for wireless charging provided by Baicheng uses advanced ferrite materials, and the size or thickness can be customized according to requirements
Send us your specifications immediately, and we will use flexible ferrite sheets with reasonable prices to meet your design requirements.

Choose the Ferrite Sheet that Suits You

In order to solve the wireless charging problem, we provide ferrite sheets of different materials, suitable for a wide frequency range. Our sheet is very thin, flexible, and can provide one-stop service, install coils and mold resistors, so that you can easily get the support of the entire wireless charging industry chain.
Ferrite sheet
Ferrite sheet for nfc
Ferrite sheet for wireless charging
Flexible ferrite sheet
Ferrite magnet sheet
MnZn ferrite sheet

Still can't find the ferrite sheet you need ?

We also produce the ferrite sheets you need according to specific custom sizes and thicknesses. 

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Customized Ferrite Sheet

Ferrite Sheet shape

We can provide you with various shapes of ferrite sheet customization, and a special precision manufacturing press can customize ferrite sheets, including PET type, PF type, POT type, PG type, etc.

Ferrite Sheet size

The main size of the ferrite sheet we can provide you with is in the range of 4 ~ 100mm, which can perfectly meet your various customized needs.

Ferrite Sheet thickness

We use a multi-wire cutting machine for diamond wire cutting, which can provide you with any thickness of ferrite sheet, the thinnest can be cut 0.3mm.

Bai Cheng-A Leading Ferrite Sheet Expert from China

Baicheng, with high-quality raw materials and rich experience in manufacturing ferrite sheets, is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of wholesale ferrite sheets. Our ferrite sheet is made of traceable Baosteel brand new materials, and there are a variety of designs to choose from.
Baicheng can not only provide you with high-quality, customizable ferrite sheets, but also provide you with coil and die resistance installation, realizing one-stop service in the wireless charging industry.
Contact us now and let us help with your wireless charging products!
  • R-D
    Our R&D team members are all from well-known companies and have been focusing on the development of ferrite sheets for more than ten years. They have rich R&D experience and can meet your design needs.

  • Quality-inspection
    Quality control
    Baicheng has a professional quality inspection team that guarantees the quality of ferrite sheet for nfc through manual inspection, sampling inspection, and automated inspection, and also has a special impedance tester for impedance testing.
  • Free-sample
    Packing and shipping
    In order to ensure the safety of packaging and transportation, we provide different transportation methods according to the needs of different customers. Such as customized pearl cotton, customized model cardboard, foam, etc.
  • Raw-materials
    Raw materials
    We use Baosteel's brand-new materials, all production materials can be traced to the source, to ensure the quality of ferrite sheet from the source, so that efficient power transmission can be achieved.

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