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MnZn Ferrite Core

MnZn power ferrite cores are mainly used for compact transformers, and MnZn high permeability ferrite cores are used for digital communication pulse transformers (signal transformers).
The production of high-performance ferrites mainly depends on high material purity, suitable chemical composition, suitable additives, uniform materials, strict production processes and precise microstructures. As an expert in the manufacture of MnZn ferrite cores, Baicheng meets these conditions and produces and supplies various (MnZn power magnets) Mnzn power cores.
Let our technical expertise and experience meet all your requirements. Send us your specifications immediately, and we will quickly meet your design requirements with reasonably priced products.

Choose the MnZn Ferrite Core that Suits You

The composition of the transformer core depends on factors such as voltage, current and frequency. The most effective transformer core is to provide the best path for the most magnetic flux lines and the transformer core with the least loss in the magnetic energy and electrical energy.
Provide MnZn ferrite cores, transformer cores, and wider field magnetic flux density, especially in high field magnetic flux density (for example)
RM cores are used to achieve high effective packing density.
U-shaped iron cores are used for power, pulse and high-voltage transformers.
EP and EPC cores are suitable for compact transformer designs with high inductance and high space economy.
c ferrite core
pq ferrite core
uy ferrite core
ee ferrite core
u ferrite core
Rm ferrite core

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Customized MnZn Ferrite Core

MnZn Ferrite Core shape

We can provide you with various shapes of MnZn Ferrite Core customization, and a special precision manufacturing press can customize MnZn Ferrite Core including toroidal ferrite core, c ferrite core, pq ferrite core, etc.

MnZn Ferrite Core thickness

We use a multi-wire cutting machine for diamond wire cutting, which can provide you with any thickness of MnZn Ferrite Core, the thinnest can be cut 0.3mm.

MnZn Ferrite Core size

The main size of the MnZn Ferrite Core size we can provide you is 6 ~ 168mm, and you can ask our engineers for customized requirements according to your needs.

Bai Cheng-A Leading MnZn Ferrite Core Expert from China

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of MnZn Ferrite Core in China, Baicheng can meet the different needs of customers. We provide MnZn Ferrite Cores of various sizes for export, which can provide the best path for the magnetic flux lines and minimize the loss, making them an ideal choice for magnetic cores. And we can also produce the magnetic cores you require according to specific electromagnetic characteristics, shapes, sizes and coating treatments. Choose MnZn Ferrite Core sold by Baicheng to make your product stand out from the competition. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our products and services.
  • R-D
    Baicheng has 9 years of experience in magnetic core development, and has professional consulting engineers who can accurately express customer needs.
  • Quality-inspection
    Quality control
    Baicheng has a professional quality inspection team, including manual inspection, random inspection, and automated inspection three inspection processes.
  • Free-sample
    Production capacity​​​​​​​
    Baicheng’s sintering workshop has a monthly production capacity of 150 tons, has the ability to produce medium and large scales, and can deliver orders on time.
  • Raw-materials
    Raw materials
    Baicheng uses high-quality raw materials, mostly from Baosteel's brand new materials, and all raw materials are traceable to ensure the quality of finished products.
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