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Pulse Transformer

The pulse transformer is a transformer optimized for the transmission of rectangular electrical pulses. Baicheng manufactures and supplies various types and sizes of pulse transformers, which are generally used to transmit information through analog and digital signals. They are designed to produce specific rectangular waveforms. 
We also provide customized pearl cotton, customized model cardboard, professional palletizing and foot protection to ensure safety during transportation. 
Our company stands for excellent quality, which is why we promote pulse transformer as the best accessory for your equipment.
Do you want to order pulse transformer in bulk? At Baicheng, we are sure to meet your production requirements. If you are looking for pulse transformer with cheap price, please contact us immediately. 
We are very willing to provide you with help and cooperation.

Choose the Pulse Transformer that Suits You

Baicheng has a series of pulse transformer for choose, used for computer digitization, equipment measurement and pulse communication, and has a variety of performance specifications to choose from.
24 pulse transformer
18 pulse transformer
12 pulse transformer
6 pulse transformer
High voltage pulse transformer
Pulse current transformer
Pulsating dc transformer
Pulse transformer for thyristor firing

Still can't find the pulse transformer you need ?

Our designers and engineers will work with you to develop a pulse transformer with the correct voltage, 
VA rating and physical size requirements you need.

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Customized Pulse Transformer

Pulse transformers are generally used to transmit information through analog and digital signals. They are designed to produce specific rectangular waveforms. Our pulse transformer can be based on your power, input, output, space, winding requirements, so that professional engineers can provide you with the best customized solution

Bai Cheng-A Leading Pulse Transformer Expert from China

As a leading pulse transformer manufacturer, we welcome customers who order wholesale pulse transformers for their equipment. We have an advanced automated factory, equipped with the most advanced technology, capable of producing various transformers. When you buy pulse transformer in bulk from Baicheng, the following are some benefits:
  • R-D-design
    Our products are developed and designed by experienced engineers, mostly from well-known companies with many years of R&D experience. They ensure that they understand the details of your design concept and provide the final product that can meet your needs.

  • High-quality-raw-materials
    Raw materials
    We are very particular about the materials used for the pulse transformer. We can assure you that all the raw materials of our pulse transformers are of high quality and come from Baosteel, and the raw materials are traceable.

  • Production-capacity
    Production capacity​​​​​​​
    We use modern production equipment, with a monthly firing capacity of more than 150t, with medium and large-scale production capacity, and able to accept orders from large companies such as LG and Samsung.

  • Quality-inspection
    Quality inspection
    After the manufacturing process, all of our pulse transformers will undergo extensive quality control to ensure that only perfectly made pulse transformers are sent. Check each pulse transformer for any defects. If there are any defects, we will report them in full so that we can avoid such problems in the future.
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