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High Frequency Transformer

The ever-expanding demand for electronic equipment has driven the demand for more high-frequency transformers.
Baicheng is a professional manufacturer of hf transformer, specializing in the production of high-frequency power transformers, high-frequency switching transformers, inductance transformers and other series of transformers.
In order to effectively reduce the risk of failure, our high frequency power transformer are custom-designed and manufactured to provide the highest power level safely and effectively, reducing the risk of skin effect loss and hysteresis.
Relying on strict quality inspection and advanced production technology, Baicheng will provide you with high-frequency transformers which have advantage price. To learn more or request a quotation, please contact us immediately.

Choose the High Frequency Transformer that Suits You

As digital electronic products become part of more and more devices, the demand for high-frequency transformers continues to grow. Our team is equipped with advanced facilities and a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment, and can provide customers with any type of high-frequency transformers they need.
As digital electronic products become part of more and more devices, the demand for high-frequency transformers continues to grow.
The highest level of safety and accuracy.
Can withstand a voltage of 15,000 volts.
The use of high-frequency transformers is very wide.It is widely used in personal electronics, electric vehicles, energy conversion and other fields.
High Frequency High Voltage Transformer
High Frequency Isolation Transformer
EC42 Transformer
High Frequency Step Up Transformer
High Power High Frequency Transformer

Still can't find the ferrite sheet you need ?

We also customize the high-frequency transformers you need according to specific precise specifications.

Bai Cheng-A Leading High Frequency Transformer Expert from China

By choosing Baicheng as your high frequency transformer manufacturer and supplier, you can enjoy the benefits of our high frequency transformer while reducing operating expenses. Our modern factory uses automated production and advanced production equipment to produce high frequency transformers that can meet customer standards. With many years of experience in the field of high frequency transformer manufacturing, you can rely on us to meet your different customization needs. The following are the advantages of our high frequency transformer:
  • R-D
    Our R&D team members have rich experience in developing high-frequency transformers, and are supported by professional R&D machines, so that you can get the high-frequency transformers you need.

  • Quality-inspection
    Quality control
    Our quality inspection team ensures the quality of every high-frequency transformer that leaves the factory. We also use sampling inspection and automated inspection to ensure the pass rate of the product, so that you can obtain qualified products.

  • Production-capacity
    Production capacity​​​​​​​
    We use advanced precision manufacturing presses, and have two tunnel kilns and 4 bell jar kilns, so as to ensure that the production capacity can have the capacity of medium and large-scale production scales, and can accept orders for the entire industry chain of large enterprises such as Samsung and LG.
  • Free-sample
    Packing and shipping
    We provide different transportation options according to different customer needs. We use customized pearl cotton, customized model cardboard, etc. to ensure product safety, as well as professional palletizing and foot protection, so that high-frequency transformers will not be damaged during long-distance transportation.
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